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Ania was diagnosed in October 2013 with retinoblastoma in her left eye. She was 3 at the time of diagnosis. She had 4 rounds of intra-arterial chemotherapy that were ultimately unsuccessful. It was decided in order to save her life, her left eye be removed. In March 2014, her eye was removed. Upon removal, it was discovered there were signs on her optic nerve of possible Cancer spread. She had to then undergo a 6 month course of systemic chemotherapy. In October 2014, she finished her treatments and was in remission.

COFC was one of the first organizations to send Ania a gift early on in her treatment course. We loved that it was from a fellow Cancer warrior and survivor. It showed us of course kindness and how wonderful it was to give to other children fighting similar battles. Ania now does something similar by sending other children silk wings to wear to the hospital to “fly through treatment.” Paying it forward is very rewarding- we thank COFC for the inspiration to do so.

Erica, Ania’s Mom

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