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Carter was diagnosed at 18 months old with a malignant brain tumor called ATRT. He went through 3 brain surgeries, 3 chest and abdomen surgeries, 17 rounds of chemotherapy, 30 treatments of radiation, and about 150 days of hospital stays due to his chemo regimen and sickness. After surgery carter became partially paralyzed on his left side and has seizures. He was left unable to walk but now through physical and occupational therapy. He is able to walk. He continued to have seizures even after treatment so I put him on a ketogenic diet. This diet controls seizures so he has been seizure free for 14 months now. Carter is 5 years old and remains tumor and cancer free. He goes to school and loves it. He enjoys people and has this zest for life. He is this special little boy and I thank god every day for having him in our lives. Carter got a chance to get camp out for cancer tent, books, and flashlights not during his treatment, but while we were in the hospital for starting his ketogenic diet. It probably was the best time because he was not sick, he could walk, and he was a little older so he enjoyed it more. We had to be in the hospital for 3 days and it made his hospital stay more enjoyable. He would hide from the nurses and of course mom too. Even now Carter and his brother play in the tent. This is a wonderful thing that COFC is doing for all kids. It makes a hospital stay just a little more enjoyable.

Kim, Carter’s mom

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