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Guess Whoooo??? MEET...I K E ! ! !

We have always wanted to include a stuffie in our care packages - like our very own little mascot! I am so excited to finally introduce...IKE!!!

Back Story: Before Isaac was even born, I shared with my immediate family that if he was a boy we liked the name Isaac! Isaac’s Uncle Bobby Adamo said, “Ike...I like it!!” My response was...”Ummmm, NO! Isaac!” With a sly Bobby grin, he shook his head and said, “People are going to call him Ike”!

Since that day, Isaac has always and will forever be called Ike by his uncle!!

In the first days and weeks after Isaac’s diagnosis my brother became our family’s spokesperson. He shared the hardest news with family, friends, and even strangers. He also rallied Isaac’s amazing praying peeps that still hold Isaac close to them #thepowerofprayer

As Bobby would share updates about Isaac he, of course, always referred to him as

Ike! In no time at all, everyone was calling him Ike! Uncle Bobby got his way! Lol

I have always called Isaac - “Isaac”, but even I referred to his cancer journey as “Ike’s Fight!” So, in honor of the journey that my Isaac started almost 10 years ago, MEET IKE!!!

White owls hold many meanings but the ones we are holding on to that have carried us all of these years are:

“a symbol of transformation”

“White owls are gentle reminders that nothing lasts forever. Even hardships have a way of ending for happiness to make its way.”

A white owl is “one (of) nature’s miracles”.

“If a white owl flies over you, it is a sign that the universe is looking out for you, and to not be worried about the next steps. Even if the path ahead looks frightening and unknown, everything will turn out for the best.”

(We also love the spots of gray which is the color for the brain cancer ribbon.)

We think that Ike is the perfect addition to our care packages and will bring tons of snuggles for kiddos as they bravely take on cancer - even at 15-years-old Isaac asked, “can I have one?”

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