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Happy #15

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Today we celebrate Isaac's 15th birthday! Fifteen might not seem like a milestone to most: it's not the year you become a teenager, it's not his golden birthday, one more year until he gets his driver's license, and definitely not drinking age (phew), but when you have lived a thousand lives in the short 15 years you have been on this earth then each and every year is so cherished and not ever taken for granted.

It's crazy to think that Isaac was just 5-years-old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Almost 2/3 of his life has been lived navigating hospital hallways, countless procedures, shots and meds, and overcoming the lasting side effects daily.

Someone asked him the other day if he remembered certain things from his treatment years. For the most part, he has very limited memories. Obviously, stories have been told and pictures have been shared that help him remember bits and pieces. I am not sure if I am thankful that he doesn't remember or if I wish it was clear in his mind so that he would know just why he is a hero to so many!

So, happiest 15th birthday, my pumpkin! We love you so much. May you have a lifetime of more birthdays ahead! To join us in celebrating Isaac's birthday, please consider making a $15 donation to help us continue our mission.

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