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My son Isaac 7 years old and was having severe headaches. I gave him Tylenol & seem persistent. I took him to the emergency room & he was diagnosed with migraines. I wasn’t satisfied with that diagnosis or my motherly instinct kicked in. I decided to take him for second opinion and that is when he received a CT and they saw a mass. The next day they removed a lime size tumor and sent it out for pathology. The neurosurgeon said that the oncology team will meet with me. The word “oncology” made my heart break into little piece. The doctors explained that the tumor he had was CANCER & it was medulloblastoma and they also had seen some spots along his spine so it had spread. I prayed for sanity. His treatment plan was six weeks of proton radiation with chemo Monday thru Friday. After that, came 6 rounds of in-patient chemo. As of today Isaac is finished with chemo. His last MRI was stable and showed no evidence of disease!

COFC gave Isaac a place to relax, read, play, and even nap. I think that was his serenity!

Nilsa, Isaac’s Mom

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