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Leigha is a happy 4 year old little girl now. Leigha was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor on October 15, 2013. She underwent surgery to remove a softball size tumor and her right kidney. Leigha had 22 weeks of chemo. Then she relapsed. A CT scan showed that she had a lot of nodules in her lungs. She then underwent 8 days of radiation and 25 weeks of chemo. She is currently in remission but still has spots on her lungs. Leigha is still currently going back to her oncologist for monthly blood counts. COFC helped Leigha because she had a lot of hospital stays. She would be in the hospital for 3 days then in 2 weeks she would go back for 5 days. Then after her 5 day treatment she would end up back in the hospital for fever and low blood counts.

Ashley, Leigha’s mom

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