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Sibling Gift Card Fundraiser is a Huge Success!

Two years ago, Ivy launched her Special Sibling Gift Cards. It is a small way to let the siblings of the many cancer warriors know just how important they are.

I will never forget those early days when Isaac was diagnosed. Ivy was just four-years-old at the time and wasn't able to understand exactly what was going on. What she did know was that everyone was making a big fuss over Isaac and that she was often shuffled here and there and shuffled just about everywhere while Isaac always had his mom and step-dad by his side.

One night, she even pretended to throw up saying, "maybe if I am sick then you will sleep with me, too!" She also wanted t-shirts with her name on them just like Isaac had...which we did! She wanted an asthma awareness sticker to be placed on our car for her. So many things she said to remind us that she was in desperate need of love and attention. I remember continuously feeling like I was failing as I tried juggling Isaac's care, making Ivy feel just as loved and important, and working full-time. Years of having a chronically sick sibling can take a toll on the siblings.

Having Ivy start her Sibling Gift Cards was a way for her to see that she is just as essential to COfC as Isaac is and now she can let so many other siblings not feel left out or unseen like she had been so many times throughout the years.

For National Siblings Day on April 10th, we were able to raise $5165 for Ivy to purchase 516 more sibling gift cards. $4325 was raised through our online Facebook fundraiser and $840 was from direct donations made to COfC on our website!!

Thank you to all of you that donated or shared our fundraiser. It is because of you that it was such a huge success, but more importantly Ivy is feeling so supported by all of you as well!

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