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June 12th, 2013 – Sydney was 5 years old when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was put on a 2 year treatment plan at Lutheran General Hospital. We spent 3 weeks in the hospital which included the start of her treatment and lots of testing. It was a tough time and the support of friends and family was important.

It was tough for Sydney to understand her condition and watch all her friends start enjoying their summer trips and activities. We had to cancel all our all summer plans and prepare for what lied ahead.

For us, the beginning of her treatment was the most difficult. The acceptance of her diagnosis and how it was going to impact her life as well as our family was tough. Watching her go through the first stages of treatment was truly heartwrenching. Sydney is such a fun, bubby, happy girl and to see her suffering was really hard on everyone. Luckily she was able to tolerate the treatment and have good results from it. She is currently in the maintenance stage and life is a little easier for all of us. She is dealing well with taking all the medicines at home and going for her monthly treat- ments. This whole journey has really been life changing for Sydney and our family and we’ve just had to figure it along the way. I have to say that we could not have gone through this without the love and support of so many people!! When something like this happens it is impossible to know how you will feel, how everyone will be affected and what you need. All I can say is that you will forever be changed and you will be astounded at the graciousness of others. The hospital, the many foundations, friends, family, churches, businesses, etc. I can’t say enough about the generos- ity of people. I feel like I could never thank everyone enough. It truly makes a difference!

Sydney is doing well at this point and will hopefully be through her treatment in August 2015.

Sydney was the first recipient of the “Camp out from Cancer” care package in the hospital. Wow, what a fun surprise that was!! She just lit up when Isaac brought in the camping package. She showed all her visitors her little set up in the tent and where she was going to sleep. It gave her a chance to have some fun in the hospital. She had so many restrictions put on her there and that gave her the ability to escape. She actually slept in the tent with her stuffed animals. She played with everything in the package and was able to really enjoy herself. She still has the tent at home and all the wonderful memories. We need to give a big THANK YOU to Isaac and his organization!!! What you are doing is amazing and will make such a difference for other children like Sydney. We would like to contribute and help in anyway that we can. Thanks again!!

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