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The Siblings…The Unsung Heroes of Childhood Cancer

The siblings are the unsung heroes of childhood cancer.

Some may not realize, but Isaac is actually just 13 short months older than Ivy. She was only four years old when Isaac was diagnosed with brain cancer. For years, our family have marveled at Ivy’s resilience and strength through the unimaginable. Time and time again she had to deal with being shuffled here or there and standing in the background while her brother received so much attention. That being said, she has not come out of this unscathed. We are constantly trying to find the balance between Isaac’s care and what Ivy and Eli need as well…we often feel like we are failing miserably. When we founded Camp Out From Cancer, we kept the siblings in the forefront. We wanted to give families something that they could enjoy together. Even now we are always looking for ways to make sure the siblings feel noticed. We are excited to share that on National Siblings Day (April 10th), Ivy launched something special for the special siblings. She has begun including a gift card for each of the special siblings into all of our care packages. She has hand signed all of them and stuffed all of the envelopes. They are ready to go! She hopes these bring some smiles to many special siblings faces! This will allow the siblings to pick out something special just for themselves during such a difficult time. We see you, siblings, and we are wrapping you with love!

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